Got a rental property? Airsolved is the easy way for you to dramatically increase your rental income risk free.

Last year in Northern Ireland alone people like you made over £53 million renting out their properties on Airbnb. Airsolved is the hassle-free way for you to get into this fast-growing market.

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How does it work?

Airbnb enables you to list your property for short term let, could be one night, could be a week. Travellers then book your property via the Airbnb website. Within a few years, Airbnb has taken the travel market by storm. The site now has over three million listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries. Properties do not need to be in tourist areas. People use Airbnb for lots of reason, e.g. business, visiting friends or family etc. It is an alternative to traditional Hotels or Bed and Breakfast.

What do we do?

You could put your property on Airbnb yourself but there can be a lot of hassle involved. For a small percentage of the booking fee we do all the work for you. 

We take care of putting your property on Airbnb, marketing, handling guest enquiries, cleaning and restocking the property and more. You don’t need to do anything, we even provide hotel quality bedding.

Who are we?

For years now we have successfully managed our properties on Airbnb. Given our success friends would ask us to also take on their properties. We decided this would be a great service we could offer people like you and Airsolved was born. 

What does it cost?

We take a percentage of each sale as our management fee. The fee is only 14% plus VAT. Our service is risk-free if we do not deliver the customers you do not need to pay us anything. We are so confident that we can deliver you extra income that there are no other charges.

With over 500 verified five star reviews from independent travellers, we are experts at managing Airbnb properties.

Hassle free - we do it all for you...


We arrange for professional pictures of the property, along with an exceptional description to market the location for maximum booking.


We have a team of cleaners who make sure the house is cleaned to the highest standard for the arrival of guests and also during their stay to create clean homes and high reviews.


All guests are strictly vetted using online and offline checks for the safety of our client’s property and also the Safety of the other guests.


Fast responses to all your guests needs and always on call encase the guests have any difficult during their stay at the property.


One point of contact for all your needs. We take care of everything from invoicing the handy man to the cleaners. All in one go!


Highly skilled professionals on call 24/7. As we all know these can happen unexpectedly from a leak in the ceiling to a bust pipe. We will have it sorted.

"The Airsolved team were great to work with, they were very professional and were able to answer all my questions and take all my concerns away. I have been using Airsolved now for 2 years and I wouldn’t look back. I am so glad I choose to give this team my house to not only look after but to make me some extra money. I have checked my home a number of times within the last 2 years and I can honestly say my home has been well looked after by Sarah, Fiona and their team."
Terence Loughran
Property Owner

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